Good image of me

So you have made it to my about page. Now I need to think of somethings to say. Well, I am a 55-year-old male, who is trying to learn how to create a website that is worth coming back to.

I have a .com site that I started about 15 months ago. I knew nothing. But, what the hell, might as well go for it. I sent it to cyber-heaven twice. The third time I screwed it up so bad that I had to delete it and start over. Which I did.

It is now the fourth time that I have published the site. I think that I have done fairly well. If you would like to go and see for yourself. I have 14 pages and numerous article to choose from. The site can be found by clicking the highlighted word, it’s the name of my site and will open in it’s own tab. http://goinggreenwithreuben.blogspot.com/. Please, if you do go and visit, come back and tell me what you think. I can always use some input.

That is enough for now.


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